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The original above was sold at Christies for USD 127,000 in 2001 - an excellent Late Akkadian seal. See the fake below. Note how the faker copied from the impression, the scene is mirror inverted - poor workmanship.
These seals are offered by a certain Internet-Gallery. Cheap horrid fakes - the fakers did not even try to imitate ancient, authentic styles. Some of these seals are priced USD 2000,- and more - ridiculous ! From the gallery description: "a place where customers feel that warm glow from being helpful to another human being. And to be a profitable socially responsible company that leads by example."
I found this one in the souk of Damascus. It is made of hematite. At first sight it looks like an Old Syrian seal. In fact it's a fake. See picture with an original in E. Brandt, 1997. Below see a similar fake on Brons website, probably made in the same workshop. Many fakes come from Syria. You'll find them everywhere on the Internet.
This one was sold on Ebay as a reproduction. I bought it for a few Dollars. The style is excellent. Note the parallels in Moortgat and the Kassite seal in the Louvre. At first sight it looks like an authentic Middle Assyrian seal. In fact it's a casting. It's made of resin or a similar compound material.
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