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A fantasy-seal, sold on Ebay for USD 460,- on Sept. 12th 2010 - Seller: roman.coins
another weird fake sold on Ebay for USD 410,- Sept. 30th 2010 - Seller roman.coins
These two seals were recently (10/2011) offered and sold on the Internet. Just in case they appear again on the market: Both are fakes, imitations of Achaemenid seals. a) was partly copied from Collon No. 421, note the mirror inverted impression and how the faker misundestood the clothing as baggy trousers. The scene of b) is completely meaningless.
dreadful fakes offered by Sumeriana on Ebay. Of course all made by the same hand. Note the fake cuneiform writing, absolutely amateurish. a) sold on June 23rd 2011 for USD 87,- b) sold on June 30th 2011 for USD 142,- c) sold on July 2nd 2011 for USD 66,-
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