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This scarab (25 x 18 mm) was sold on Ebay for USD 871,- First of all Petrie does not list this type and this inscription, always a bad sign. The name of Sethos I is correct and so is the inscription on the right but the inscription on the left side is meaningless: "Amun (??) mer hemet" : woman loved by Amun ? No ancient scribe would have done such a mistake on a royal scarab.
sold by the same dealer on Ebay for USD 599,-
Bargain4Treasures (1).JPG
sold on Ebay for USD 163,- by a notorious fake-dealer
All these scarabs depict cartouches with the throne name of Thutmosis III: Men Kheper Re. Note the Neb sign (lord) wrongly turned upside down. These scarabs were offered by an Internet dealer and are very probably all made by the same hand.
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