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Royal Scarabs, Scaraboids and Plaques from international collections in chronological order

This scarab probably refers to Sety II. The inscription could be read: Sety(?) Mer (Ne) Ptah. Reference: unpublished ? (ex Artemission)
This scarab depicts title and name of an Egyptian official. The title reads overseer of the house and the cattle. The name can be read as Nebis. Like this example most of the known private scarabs date to the 12th or 13th Dyn. References: Petrie 1917, Pl. XVI, Newberry 1906, Pl. XI-XIII, (ex Archaeological Center, Jaffa)
Another private-name scarab of the Middle Kingdom. I have not translated the name yet, but the first sign reads "scribe", the profession of the owner. (ex Artemission)
This cowroid is probably from the Hyksos period. It depicts titles and name of an official. The first three signs read Khetm Hen Neter: "sealer and priest". The name below starts with an M, the last two signs are not readable. (ex Hixenbaugh Ancient Art)
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