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A human aiming with a bow at an animal or demon, again a Neo Assyrian scene (late cut style) Please note the long horns (?) the tiny bow and the strange hair. See picture with an authentic seal in Moortgat 1940.
This seal imitates a certain Syrian style of the 2nd Millenium B.C. See picture with an authentic seal of this group in Moortgat 1940.
This is a faked Achaemenid seal. Note the pseudo cuneiform-writing.
Authentic Harappa-seals are extremely rare. Many fakes appear on Ebay. The originals often are made of baked steatite. The surface very often looks smooth and has a fine white/greyish patina. The two examples on Ebay have a soft and porous surface. Note the signs on the first seal, copied from the original on the right. Note the tiny fissures on the authentic seal below, resulting from the heating process.
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